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  • Great Expectations - WA#24
    Great Expectations - WA#24

    2021 GDP revisited

  • BCE reviewed upwards the 2020 contraction estimate of –7.8% but lowered to 2.8% the 2021 rebound. The combined 2020/21 is a -5.2% contraction from 2019. World Bank is more optimistic than the authorities with a 3.4% bounce back in 2021, but down to 1.4% in 2022. (WA#24)

  • We estimate that the pharmaceutical market (public and private) was $2.0B in the accumulated 12 months to April 2021, a y-o-y increase of 12.0%. There is growth in relation to the size of the economy. (WA#23)

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    Official economic growth estimates for 2021 and on are very modest: a heavy fiscal burden in the context of dollarization plus a lagging effort to reign in the pandemic are behind this. Primary sectors are to fare best followed by secondary sectors (manufacturing) and lastly by services, most burdened by social distancing. Construction would be an ...


    The covid 19 pandemic allowed some domestic maquila pharma labs to expand their sales and gain market share. Among the challenges that pharma labs must face is the new requirement for drug traceability. The deadline for its implementation was extended until May 2022. Pharma spokesmen consider it inconvenient. President Guillermo Lasso declared h...

  • 22.- FIREWALK

    Lasso?s first political after-election was a success. His partner in the elections, PSC went over to the opposition, but he reached an improbable legislative alliance with Pachakútik and ID. He left the Assembly arms locked, physically and figuratively, with the Pachakútik Assembly chair. That was the first step in his firewalk. He is inaugurate...