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  • Covid Disrupts Business as Usual - WA#48
    Covid Disrupts Business as Usual - WA#48

    Insurance financial statements and prepaid medicine services

  • As of October 2020, there was a -6.8% y-o-y decrease in total net premiums to $1,394 mn. In the same period of the previous year there was an expansion of 7.4%. (WA#48)

  • The IMF forecasts that imports will decline relative to the size of the economy from 20.0% of GDP in 2019 to 18.5% in 2025. This projection is consistent with an economy with a low growth rate. In nominal terms, total imports would go from $21.5 bn in 2019 to $21.0 bn in 2025. (WA#47)

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    The surge of Covid 19 disrupted the economy, and thus the insurance business. Damages in life have soared, although there was a small drop in demand for policies; presumably the economic crisis forced some policyholders to cut this expense. Damages in medical services, paradoxically, did not increase: but 2020 data for prepaid medical services are ...

  • 47.- CLOSER TO THE U.S.A.

    The government continues to promote the commercial opening that was put in the back burner during the Correa administration. A 1st phase agreement is expected to be reached with the U.S. in December. It is not a complete trade agreement, but rather the approval of basic trade protocols and rules for trade. This preliminary agreement is important be...


    Data show how the $2 bn from the IMF made their way to private and public sector banks: within a couple days from having received them, Finances had used the full amount to slash arrears to a third. Immediately, deposits in private banks soared, banks increased credit, interest rates started to fall. The regulatory board eased regulations on delaye...