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  • Oil to The Rescue, Again - WA#15
    Oil to The Rescue, Again - WA#15

    Oil market

  • The world economy rebound from Covid is reducing the glut of oil in the market. Saudi Arabia announced an unilateral 1M bpd output cut for February and March. The price went back to the 2019 level. (WA#15)

  • In 2020, net insurance premiums fell -5.6% y-o-y to $1.70B.  As the economy contracted sharply, the premium/GDP ratio rose to 1.75%. (WA#14)

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    The price of oil started to surge in February, and now points to stabilizing around $55 for Ecuadoran crude. This will lighten the costs of fiscal adjustment. Benefits of the recovery are dampened by the fall in output, on account of multiple mishaps and lack of investment to maintain production levels. The Lasso government highlights jump s...

  • 14.- 2021: NEW CHALLENGES

    2020 was a challenging year for the insurance industry. The pandemic profoundly changed the lives of citizens and triggered the cost of life insurance claims, while those of general insurance fell. The impact on insurers was not homogeneous and depended on their exposure to different economic sectors. Profits plummeted and nine insurers reported lo...


    The President acknowledged there was no vaccination plan. The problem is not so much that vaccines do not arrive soon enough (they do not) but that the vaccination rate is even slower. At the current rate, it would take a decade to attain herd immunity. Slow motion vaccination hinders economic recovery. In the first two months of the year the ec...