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  • New Expansion Opportunities - WA#12
    New Expansion Opportunities - WA#12

    2018 Insurance statements

  • In rolling twelve-month periods, there has been a trade deficit throughout 2018. The year closes with a $515 mn deficit. The four-year program foresees a surplus of .6% of GDP for 2019. (WA#12)

  • Country risk closed February at 589 base points (5.89 percentage points), down -101 base points from the January closing. As of March 13, it rose 26 points to 615. (WA#11)

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    The insurance sector recovered in 2018 due, among others, to consumer credit strength. At the insurance level, the items with the highest growth were fire at $ 43.1 mn and vehicles at $27.7 mn. In this analysis, we review the factors that will have the greatest impact on the insurance sector in 2019; also, what insurance classes will provide enhanc...


    The IMF approved the extended facility for Ecuador, and disbursement of a first tranche of funds is in its way. Top priorities are closing the fiscal gap and enhancing competitiveness. Strengthening dollarization takes a back seat: contrary to expectations, no funds are earmarked to bolster the international reserves. With the announcement of th...


    INTELLIGENT OPENING In 2018, imports increased 16.2% y-o-y, of which oil 36.4% and non-oil 12.2%. There was a small trade deficit, on account of sluggish growth of non-oil exports. For this year, the authorities expect non-oil imports of $18.3 bn, which would mean a 2.7% y-o-y increase. They expect a hefty increase in capital goods (10.2%),...