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  • Legislative Logjam - WA#44
    Legislative Logjam - WA#44

    2020-23 public finances

  • After an initial deficit reduction in 2018, through slashing of the investment budget, there would be no significant reduction this year, nor is there any major advancement foreseen in 2020. The deficit is seen as going down from 2021 on, during the next administration.The consolidated public sector deficit is what concerns the authorities and the IMF the most, and that was looked into in WA#38. (WA#44)

  • Country risk closed September at 677 base points (6.77 percentage points), down -67 base points for the month. (bottom right)

    So far in October, country risk is up 146 points. (WA#43)

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    The Assembly has two mammoth bills in its hands: the bill of the 2020 Budget and an economic law which has a core through reforms to tax legislation, the organization of government finances, and a new organization of money and banking legislation. It also have a multitude of riders attached by the different bureaucracies The most controversial a...


    Once the Indigenous that occupied Quito went back to their communities, the authorities took to the task of saving the economic program. A bill of law was sent to the Assembly, featuring a tax reform and including reforms to the Monetary and Public Finances codes. They are expected to raise gasoline prices, wiping out the subsidy, although not auto...


    Liquidity slowdown is a symptom of a fragile economy where the financial system reduces its credit multiplier effect. This means that, due to weak credit demand, the funds that return to the financial system as deposits also decrease. The Moreno administration promotes the modernization of the Monetary and Financial Code in line with what was ag...