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  • Lenin Moreno inherited a country sharply split into two clashing halves. His conciliatory stance has clearly paid dividends. (WA#32)

  • Break Up - WA#32
    Break Up - WA#32


  • In the first quarter of 2017, there was a net foreign divestiture of $8 mn in oil and mines, worst result of the decade. (WA#31)

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  • 32.- BREAK UP

    Former president Correa declared war on President Moreno?s move away from authoritarianism, and President Moreno answered back allowing investigations to proceed regarding corruption in the preceding government. The bulk of the revelations point to Vice President Glas, who is outspokenly in favor of Correa and against Moreno, and who the President ...


    The government is just two months old and Hydrocarbons Minister Carlos Perez is turning a dire situation around. In what regards the upstream, he has: -Come to deals with Schlumberger and Tecpetrol to change the fixed-tariff contracts for fees linked to the price of crude; -Taken measures to solve the $2.4 bn in arrears with service providers...


    At last, President Moreno abandoned the fiction that Correa?s economic management was flawless, and acknowledged that he received an empty pantry. Immediately after, Hydrocarbons Minister Carlos Perez announced that given the dire straits of government finances, Ecuador was to increase oil output and not heed the OPEC quota, which nine-month extens...