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  • Domestic demand shot up 6.5% T-4 in the second quarter, based on a consumption surge.

    Global demand for goods and services (domestic demand + exports) grew somewhat less, 5.3% T-4, as exports barely rose 1.1%. Global supply of goods in the Ecuadoran market (GDP + imports) was pushed up by high import expansion. By definition, global supply and demand are identical. (WA#40)

  • Peak Quarter - WA#40
    Peak Quarter - WA#40

    Second quarter GDP growth

  • In the 12 months to July, Ecuador has exported roughly 191 mn lb. of shrimp tails and 713 mn lb. of head-on shrimp. We convert tails to their equivalent of head-on shrimp and come up with 998 mn lb. of shrimp processed for export, up 14% y-o-y. (WA#39)

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    Recently released GDP data reveals that second quarter performance was the best in recent years. However, this does not mean that the economy is in recovery mode; instead, it is the consequence of a consumption boom brought about by a surge in pre-election government spending, financed with debt. The official estimate for 2017 growth implies that t...


    Shrimp is having a record year, although spokesmen for the industry warn that results for the second part of the year will not be as good as for the first. There is a huge increase in output, a result mostly of higher yields, not of an increase in the seeded area, nor higher densities. There is innovation and increased productivity: better genetics...


    Politics trumps economics. President Moreno will call a plebiscite which aim would be to eliminate Rafael Correa from another presidential bid, and thus freeing the former president?s hold on the party, and indeed even in Moreno?s government. However, the plebiscite would take place in January, thus the 2018 bill of the Budget and economic program ...