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  • Suddenly Credit Opens Up - WA#37
    Suddenly Credit Opens Up - WA#37

    September indicators overview

  • Private foreign debt reaches $10.1 bn as of July, a 19% y-o-y increase. Until November of last year, the trend was for a reduction of private external indebtedness. The pick-up started in March, month of the IMF agreement. (WA#37)

  • To have legislation passed, AP, the party of the president, needs the support of either CREO or PSC, as well as a few votes from the independents. (WA#36)

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    Ecuador?s signature of a letter of intent with the IMF, and the IMF seal of approval on compliance, has improved Ecuador?s standing with financial markets. Banks are obtaining credit lines, private external debt rises, and the financial system is increasing lending, which should result in an economic boost for the latter part of the year. Recent in...


    Guillermo Lasso tossed his hat in the ring. An early quick off of the 2021. The recent results in Argentina?s PASO primaries, which herald the return of Cristina, has raised concerns that the same may happen here: the electorate, tired of four years of an IMF program and economic adjustment, bring back the populist leader that caused the problem in...


    A priority of the economic program is to create a more favorable environment for exports, featuring a reduction of costs. The ministers that regulate business activities are both linked to export activities. Alas, this is the second most important policy goal, and often collides with the top priority, which is eliminating the fiscal deficit. Thus k...