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  • Tax Breaks Now Law - WA#31
    Tax Breaks Now Law - WA#31
  • Most foreign investment in Ecuador comes from capital stock, a small part in reinvested profits. Assets/Liabilities with investors tend to be mainly liabilities. Note how foreign investment has been falling in recent years. For more on private investment, both national and foreign, see WA#30. (WA#31)

  • The capital formation to GDP ratio peaked in 2012-2014, a 27% or above, given high public sector investment almost 16% in 2013-14. Public sector investment sagged since, to 11.4% in 2016. Private investment was crowded out by public spending. Last year, total capital formation was 25.4% of GDP, a slight recovery from 2016, lowest for the decade. Private investment must step up if capital formation is going to rise. (WA#30)

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    The legislative treatment of the Development Law is now over. A major roadblock to invest in the stock market, the right of the State to collect debt of failing companies from shareholders via coactive action, is now voided. Some distorting taxes have been removed; ample tax benefits are granted to investment projects initiated within the next 24 m...


    Since the cabinet reshuffle of mid-May, Minister Campana and his proposal to boost private investment have moved to center stage. His tax break proposal for new investments is the basis for the Law of Production Incentives, scheduled for approval on Tuesday 7th. He has rallied businessmen who have promised $9.4 bn in new investment. The authorit...


    Data to June reveal credit continues booming, up 4.8% in the quarter. However, it is not a sign of a robust economy. It is mostly working capital and consumer financing, reveals Asobanca, which adds little is investment in new projects. Deposits remain stagnant, they should not be expected to increase, thus by force credit expansion is going to ...