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  • "Unfinished Business" - WA#23

    June indicators overview

  • Neither the authorities nor the World Bank foresee that growth in 2018-20 would be as expansive as that of 2017. While the authorities foresee a drop in 2018 and then a modest recovery, the World Bank considers there will be a sustained slowdown. (WA#23)

  • In rolling 12-month periods, industrial exports are barely up 1% to March. At the closing of the first quarter of 2018, they were up .5% y-o-y. Exports of primary goods expand 8.6% in the 12-month accumulated period to March 2018. First quarter sales are up 7.0% y-o-y. (WA#22)

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Weekly Analysis Briefs


    An economic team headed by Minister Martínez went to Washington and New York to do what then Minister Viteri failed to do: a roadshow for potential lenders. The new economic team and policies must have been welcomed by both multilaterals and investment banks, but the overall climate for B-grade bonds has deteriorated as investors flock to the U.S. ...


    The refreshed economic authorities usher a drastic change in foreign trade policy. Minister Pablo Campana has now the support from the rest of the economic cabinet. It is unlikely that the tariff would go up as planned by the now departed authorities. Ecuador heeded the CAN decision to eliminate the import surcharge. Ecuador will now move to rea...


    The President sent a bill of law to the Assembly, the core of his economic program. It is vastly different to the draft which circulated in April. Now, a rules are set to harness runaway public spending, with goals to be reached within three years. But it fails to set annual goals, which weakens its effectiveness. The heart of the bill are gener...