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  • Debt is the new oil - WA#49
    Debt is the new oil - WA#49

    Public debt and other obligations

  • The Government program for the period 2018-2021 estimates that the balance of the obligations of the State will continue rising until it reaches $66.4 bn, which would be equal to 57.2% of GDP, according to official estimates. (WA#49)

  • In 2015, Ecuador remained stagnant in Human Development, and was overtaken by Peru; Colombia also advanced, while Venezuela regressed. China’s rate of improvement vastly outpaces that of Latin America. (WA#48)

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    Lenin Moreno took office on the fifth year of strong fiscal deficits. He complained that his predecessor had left the pantry empty and regretted that the burden of paying the debts exceeds what is spent on education, health and safety. In spite of acknowledging this reality, little has been done to contain public spending. To complete his four year...


    The latest edition of the reports of the most important organizations that rate countries according to business environment, economic freedom, innovation, human development or country risk, mostly find that Ecuador?s performance has deteriorated over the last year, meaning in most cases 2016, although some are to 2015 and others include the first p...


    The government of Moreno ratified its economic policy priorities: 1) sustaining public spending, 2) continuing with import substitution, and 3) controlling the liquidity in the economy. These are the same concerns that prevailed in Correa?s decade in power.   The key piece of trade policy is a highly discretional fee of 10¢ per control unit over...